Child Assessments

Every child is assessed individually, according to the reason for the referral and specific difficulties of the child. This is a global assessment which encompasses the child’s developmental, intellectual, social, behavioural and emotional functioning. It is a holistic assessment which explores the life of the child within the home and school environments.

Various reasons for referral include:

  • difficulties with attention and concentration
  • learning and scholastic difficulties and failing grades
  • developmental problems
  • social and contextual difficulties
  • behavioural difficulties
  • problems with peer groups, bullying
  • emotional difficulties including poor motivation, low self-esteem, truancy at school, anxiety, depression
  • adjustments within the home environment which may be affecting school performance (divorce, separation)

All child assessments consist of five to six sessions which include:

  • Parent Interview and developmental history
  • Three to four sessions with the child including necessary tests
  • Feedback session with the parents
  • ​Behavioural observation at the school, collateral from the school and report-writing are included in the assessment rates
  • Verbal Feedback to the school available on request
  • PLEASE NOTE: I do not conduct any forensic or legal assessments